Buy Stelazine (Trifluoperazine) Online

Buy Stelazine (Trifluoperazine) Online

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TRIFLUOPERAZINE is used to treat schizophrenia. This medicine may also be used for the short-term treatment of anxiety. Compare typical antipsychotics.

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Buy Stelazine Online

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Stelazine Information:

Stelazine (trifluoperazine) is a form of antipsychotic medication, which belongs to a group of drugs called phenothiazine. It works within the human body as it is able to change the actions of the chemicals that belong in your brain.

Today it is commonly prescribed to people who suffer from conditions such as anxiety or from psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia.

Buy Trifluoperazine Online

This medication is available on prescription only and is currently not yet classified in the pregnancy risk department. It would be advisable that if you are planning to get pregnant in the near future or you are already pregnant that you do not use this medication.

The medication may also be prescribed to you for other purposes that are not listed in this article; however your doctor will be able to provide you with further information.

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Stelazine Side Effects:

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Uncontrolled movements, restlessness, nausea, dizziness, jaundice, pale skin, slow heart rate, joint pains and also seizures are all side effect which are associated with the use of this medication.

It is important that if you do encounter any of these side effects that you seek emergency medical aid and consult your doctor for further guidance and advice. This is not a complete list if all side effects.

This medication may impair your thinking speed and your reactions, so it is advised that you do not drive or operate any type of heavy machinery. You should avoid a prolonged exposure to sunlight as the ingredients used in this medication can make your body become sunburnt more easily than normal.

It is advised that because of this you cover up well when exposed to direct sunlight and where possible use SPF 30 sunscreen or higher.

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