Clomid 50mg & 100mg

Clomid 50mg & 100mg

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One of the leading causes of the female infertility is a complete absence of ovulation. It is often related to the hormone disorders, a high level of estrogen. Clomid is taken to restore ovulation by means of the decreased concentration of estrogen in the tissues.

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Clomid 100mg is used for treatment of female infertility and other conditions.

How Taken

Clomid 100mg may be taken with or without a meal. Talk to your doctor about the dosage suitable for you. Properly timed sexual intercourse is important for good results. Ovulation usually occurs 5 to 10 days after a dose of Clomid. If pregnancy has not been successful after 3 courses of treatment, further treatment is not recommended.

Clomid Without Prescription

Clomid is a selective anti-estrogen product used to treat many diseases related to the excessive secretion of estrogen in men and women. The indications for the use of Clomid also include infertility, amenorrhea, androgenic failure, galactorrhea, and oligospermia.

Clomid has Clomiphene citrate. The ingredient acts on the receptors of estrogen in basal gland and ovaries. In other words, Clomiphene binds the estrogen receptors in the basal gland, so that a production of the gonadotropic hormones of LH and FSH is restored. These hormones stimulate ovules and restore an ovulation.

About 68% of women return an ability to become pregnant in 1-2 cycles of the Clomid use.

Clomid Dosing

Clomid is taken by cycles, during 5 or 10 days depending on a clinical performance.
-1 cycle: 1 Clomid pill 50 mg is taken during 5 days, from the 5th day of the menstrual cycle.
It is necessary to follow a dose and a duration of the treatment. If a woman did not have ovulation at the end of the month, the second cycle is prescribed:
-2 cycle: 1 Clomid pill 50 mg is taken during 10 days starting from the 5th day of the menstrual cycle.

Where to Purchase Clomid

Ovulation is usually restored within 15-18 days after the second cycle. But if it did not happen, the treatment may be continued within 5-6 months according to this scheme.

Men can also buy Clomid online but the scheme of the treatment will differ. Men should take 1 pill of Clomid 50 mg during 8-10 weeks with a regular diagnostics of sperm and level of the reproductive hormones.


  • If pregnancy occurred, Clomid should not be taken.
  • ovarian cyst, malignant tumors, hypo-function of the basal gland, the use of Clomid is contraindicated.
  • unknown uterine bleedings started as a result of the treatment, the treatment should be terminated.

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